Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Power to Heal

Why is it not surprising that when you crochet (or knit) something (though small that it may be) ... there is a certain calm in your spirit ... a moment when you are transported to a better place.  

Yes, such is the power of creating something with your mind, your hands, yarn and a crochet hook (or knitting needle).  Much has been written about the therapeutic benefits of working with a crochet hook or needle.  In fact, there are some prisons where a rehabilitative movement has started where inmates are taught to either crochet or knit.   In addition, crocheting and knitting are also taught to some elementary age children in the schools.  My own doctor suggested to me to consider learning how to crochet or to knit in order to help reduce the stress that I was experiencing at the time.

According to the Lion Brand blog at their site, some of the benefits of crafting with yarn are:

1.  Knitting and Crocheting Relieve Depression
2.  Crafting Reduces Anxiety
3.  Crafting Projects Help Build Self-Esteem
4.  Crafting May Reduce or Postpone Dementia
5.  Knitting or Crocheting May Help Insomnia
6.  Relaxation Reduces Irritability and Restlessness
7.  Crafting as Prayer (Prayer Shawl Crafting)
8.  Yarncrafting Builds a Support Community
9.  Crafting May Help with Grief Processing
10. Knitting and Crocheting May Minimize Stress 

To read the complete article above go to this link.

For me, crocheting and knitting has helped me focus on one thing only and to stay in the moment.  Some people call this mindfulness.  When I pick up the hook and the yarn, I stop thinking about other things that are trying to crowd my mind, and this seems to work for me about 99% of the time.  I've been able to get to this point after 5 years.  When I first started learning to crochet, I was more stressed than relaxed because I was trying to coordinate all my hand movements all at once (the learning curve). 

I don't have any scientific evidence that crocheting and/or knitting reduce my blood pressure, but I do know that they slow my mind considerably and they also relax my body . . . and for me, that's good enough. 

What are some ways that yarn crafting has helped you?  I would love to hear from you.

As always, I thank you for stopping by and visiting.  Have a nice day.

The HookDude