Sunday, October 27, 2013

Project LaPaz

Project LaPaz (La Paz is Spanish for Peace) is a one-man operation that focuses on charity projects.   About three years ago, I taught myself how to crochet .    Over the last few months, I've worked on simple projects such as scarves and winter beanies which I've donated to charity groups such as local children's shelters and care packages going to troops overseas.    I've been working now for several weeks on completing this year's goal of 30 beanies for the children's shelter.

I know that there are hundreds of patterns out there for beanies and hats, but I'd like to share with you what I came up with.    This pattern is a combination of what I've learned over the last two years.   It is a simple pattern for a warm winter beanie which can be made into several sizes with a few simple adjustments.    The photos show some of the beanies which I recently made and which will be going to a local orphanage.    Further on below, you will find a link for the written pattern.    Again as I mentioned before, this pattern is a result of what I have learned and the pattern has worked very well for my projects.  

I hope that you enjoy this pattern.     You may use this pattern to create your own projects and if you decide to sell your product, kindly link back to this site. Also, please consider donating one of your items to a charity of your choice.

I make the hats in different sizes because the local shelters have children ranging in ages from toddlers to teenagers.   

The photo above shows the project (crown section of beanie) with several rounds of HDC stitches.   The project lies flat because I am increasing in each round.    Once I have the crown diameter the size that I want, I stop making increases in each round.    When you begin the next round (without increases), your beanie should begin to curve upward (this is normal in this crochet project) and begin to take shape. 

The photo above shows the project taking shape and curving upward which is normal when you are crocheting a beanie.  Here we have 18 rounds completed.  The more rounds that you make the longer the height (measured from crown to beanie's edge) will be.

Project Complete

In the illustration above, you have a chain followed by a HDC (half-double crochet stitch).   In the pattern below, you will chain before you start a round.  It is very important that you NOT count the chain as a stitch otherwise you will be off in your count of stitches for each round.   If the round calls for 16 HDC, then you will have 16 HDC plus beginning chain.  Do not count the beginning chain as a stitch.

Go to this link to print the pattern:  Crochet Beanie Pattern

Crochet Beanie in Half Double (HDC) Crochet

Skill Level:  Intermediate


HDC = half-double crochet
SS  =  slip stitch
Rnd = round
Ch = chain
St = stitch
* to * = this means to repeat the stitches indicated within the *  *

Yarn-worsted weight of your choice (I used Red Heart for these projects)
Hook size –  “I” size 5.5mm

Gauge – not that important because beanies stretch and every head varies to some degree in size.  When I make the beanies, I usually use the crown diameter to gauge the size that I’m aiming to get.

I use the following mathematical formula which I’ve seen on several tutorials on the internet to measure head circumference: 

Let’s say that you want to make a beanie with a hat circumference of approximately 21 in.   Divide 21 by 3.14 equals 6.687 in.(round to 6.75in).  This means that I will work my project with a crown diameter = 6.75in. in order to obtain a hat circumference of approximately 21 in.     The smaller your crown diameter, the smaller your hat circumference will be and vice-versa.

If you have started a beanie and your crown work in progress (rounds)measure 6.5in. then you take 6.5 and multiply by 3.14 and it equals approximately 20 in. hat circumference.

These are the formulas that I use when I make the beanies. One very helpful site and blog which I like and which has helpful tips and tutorials is    There’s also an excellent site which gives approximate head sizes for infants, teenagers, ladies and men’s head circumference.   Please go to the following site for more information: 

Beanie Pattern for Adult Size (women & men) approximate 21 in. hat circumference & 8 in. height from top of beanie to edge (note: a crocheted hat will stretch approximately ½ - 1 in. when worn)    This hat fits me snug but comfortable and my head measures 22 3/4 in. around.

Note: This pattern is NOT worked in a spiral.  You will join ea. round with a SS (slip stitch)   Also important, on each round of increases, you will end with an increase(2 st. into the last stitch)

1.   Make slip knot and then ch. 2 (this will begin your circle)  
2.   Round 1 crochet 8 HDC into your first ch. next to the slip knot.   Join with SS to top of your 1st HDC stitch.   You should have (8 HDC st) 
3.    Round 2 Ch. 1 (from now on when you begin a new round you will chain 1 before you begin your first HDC in that round) (very important - ch. 1 will NOT count as a HDC stitch here and in subsequent rounds)  You will make 2 HDC in ea. stitch around and join with SS to top of ch. 1 (16 HDC stitches)
4.    Round 3 Ch. 1- *1 HDC in 1st stitch, 2 HDC in the next stitch (increase made)* repeat from * to * and join with SS to top of ch 1 (24 HDC sts)
5.    Round 4 ch. 1- *1 HDC in ea. of first 2 sts, 2 HDC in the next st (incr.made) *  repeat from * to * and join with SS to top ch 1 (32 HDC sts)
6.    Round 5 ch. 1-  *1 HDC in ea. of first 3 sts, 2 HDC in the next st (incr.made) * repeat from * to * and join with SS to top ch 1 (40 HDC sts)
7.    Round 6 ch. 1-  *1HDC in ea. of first 4 sts, 2 HDC in the next st (incr.made)  * repeat from * to * and join with SS to top ch 1 (48 HDC sts)
8.    Round 7 ch. 1-  *1HDC in ea. of first 5 sts, 2 HDC in the next st (incr.made)  * repeat from * to * and join with SS to top ch 1 (56 HDC sts)
9.    Round 8 ch. 1-  *1HDC in ea. of first 6 sts, 2 HDC in the next st (incr.made) * repeat from * to * and join with SS to top ch 1 (64 HDC sts)

Round 9 ch. 1- 1 HDC in ea. stitch around (64 HDC sts)
Rounds 10-Rounds 21 – Repeat Round 9 for each subsequent round. you should have 64 HDC sts in ea. round beginning with round 9

When you complete Round 21 join with SS to top of ch 1 and fasten off.    Weave in all tails including any tail you had left when you began the circle.   Project complete (Note: this pattern can also be worked using a Double Crochet stitch as well).

There are many variations to this pattern if you search the internet.    Remember you can use the same pattern to make the beanie for a child or teenager.  You will be making less rounds and also your crown diameter will be smaller (see the recommendations below).    Hat Height will also vary according to the size of the person you are making the hat for.  Optional: If you want to have a brim on the beanie, work an extra 6-8 rounds to allow for the brim to fold up.

Recommendations  -  Crown diameters of your work in progress – these are only approximate sizes(use as guideline only)
Crown diameter – 3-4 in. for preemies
Crown diameter – 5 in. for infant 3mos-6mos
Crown diameter – 6 in. for toddler – 10 yrs
Crown diameter -  7 – 7 1/2  in. for teenager-adult