Saturday, November 30, 2013

#Crochet Different Version of Ribbed Hat

This is another version of the previous ribbed hat that I posted earlier in November.   I just finished this one but this one is using 3 different colors of yarn.    Actually, I used some left over yarn from another project (a good way to use up your left overs from the stash).

You can download the pattern by going to this link
The pattern is for an adult hat measuring 8 in. in height (I made this to fit my head and it reaches to just below my ears and my head circumference is 22 3/4 in).     If you want to increase the height, just add more rounds to your project.   Remember, that with worsted yarn, your completed project will S  - T - R - E - T - C - H.

The only change to the pattern will be adding the color changes beginning with  round 9 and subsequent rounds.     This is only a suggestion, however, you can add the new color anywhere in your project.

Changing color of yarn is not a big deal, but if you haven't done one before, you can go to this link color change in the round for a tutorial which I prepared.   

I hope that you enjoy this pattern.   As always, I thank you for stopping by and visiting.   I know that there are many talented men and women out there in this craft, so please consider making one (or more beanies) for charity.   Go out and spread some joy.

If you decide to use this pattern and sell your product, kindly link back to this site.